Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today I had breakfast tacos for lunch - at a place I've never been before: Tacodeli. This was after the annual Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Matthew took home 2 trophies this year (his last year in Cub Scouts). Congratulations, Matthew! :-)

Tacodeli was a little bit intimidating because it was so busy and the menu is fairly large. I was afraid that if I took too long I would soon be hearing "No taco for you. NEXT!" Because of that, I decided to try to order something as close as possible to my "standard" taco: sausage, potato, egg, beans and cheese.

"Black bean paste OK?" Umm, no.

"The potatoes are mashed, OK?" Sure, just don't "NEXT!" me.

It was unclear how big to expect these tacos to be. The guy taking my order said you should get "at least 2 or 3", so I ordered 3. I have no idea what this all cost because my lovely wife, Celeste, paid for lunch. (Thanks, honey!)

OK, so just in case you missed it, yes they actually put mashed potatoes on their tacos. Sounds weird and changes the texture of the taco considerably but it wasn't bad. The only problem with these tacos was their small size and almost complete lack of sausage. Still, the flavor was good and the salsa (they have several types) was very tasty.

  • Value: I'm kind of guessing since I don't know what the actual cost was, but I think this was on the expensive end of the range, so I'd have to rate the value as mediocre.

  • Size: tiny to small

  • Goodness: good, but not great.

I'll definitely try out the Tacodeli again sometime, but in my opinion it's not at the top of the list.

Grade: B

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