Friday, August 1, 2008

Camino Real (Pflugerville)

(Note: This is NOT the same "Camino Real" as the one in the Spicewood Springs area of Austin that we refer to as "Dave's place". It just has the same name.)

I'm struggling with whether I should even write this blog entry. I guess I will go ahead since my experience here was fine.

(The reason I almost didn't is that I found some really terrible reviews for this restaurant just now while looking for their website - they don't appear to have one - and I may never go back. I don't know. Anyway, here is a link to Google's page for Camino Real. If you poke around there you will find some of the reviews I mentioned.)

I drive by here every day on my way to work, but I just noticed a couple of days ago that they are open for breakfast and were advertising breakfast tacos.

I was the only customer for the entire 20-25 minutes I was there and they were still slow. Not a great start.

Camino Real has a fairly large breakfast menu. The tacos are all 2 items and cost $1.50, with extra items 25 cents each, so I settled for Sausage, Egg, Beans and Cheese at $2.00 each. The waitress said they were "normal" size, so I ordered 2. Total with Dr. Pepper and tip was $7.00.

When they arrived - it took 10-15 minutes! - I was a bit disappointed at first. The tacos were small to medium in size (2 tacos were still smaller than 1 from Ken's) and seemed to have more beans than anything else and hardly any cheese but I decided to dig in. The salsa was very tasty but I didn't want to put very much on because the beans were already kinda runny and I didn't want to make it too much worse.

Anyway, overall the tacos were pretty good. The tortillas were fresh and very good and the overall flavor was great. Because of the beans, the tacos were fairly messy, but they were served on a plate and not foil, so the mess was easier to deal with.

I enjoyed my breakfast but I'm not sure yet whether I'll return considering the awful reviews I read.

  • Size: small to medium
  • Goodness: very good
  • Value: meh - good but relatively expensive - and did I mention slow?
Grade: B+