Friday, November 30, 2007

A la Carrera

Well, this morning I resumed my quest to find a breakfast taco that's better than Ken's. What that really means is that I was finally able to convince my car to drive to another place. I've been to Ken's about once a week since my last post...

Anyway, today's trek was to a favorite lunch place, A la Carrera. (Sorry, I can't find an actual home page for them, but, as usual, Google comes through.) I've known for a long time that this place has breakfast but I've never tried it before.

I'll cut right to the chase: it was good, but couldn't touch Ken's.

  • Price: moderate, but more than Ken's. Taco's come in several combinations of 2 of 6 or so ingredients: sausage, bacon, chorizo, eggs, potatos and beans. They have a stand set up inside the front door with a wide variety of these pre-made so you can run in, pick up what you want and run back out. You can also sit down and order whatever you want, which is what I did. These 2-ingredient tacos run $1.35 which isn't bad, but they want $0.50 for each additional ingredient, so my almost-standard "sausage, egg, bean and cheese" was $2.35. I probably could have added potatoes for another $0.50 but I decided against it. My drink set me back $1.95, making my total bill $4.65 and since I was "served" I had to leave a tip, too.

  • Size: the taco was of average size but probably only 1/2 the size of Ken's.

  • Goodness: Overall, the taste was good, though a little bland. I was able to add plenty of A la Carrera's wonderful salsa which helped. I'd call the consistency "goopy" - both the beans and eggs were runny which made this a messy taco. Also, the sausage was basically a small patty, fried up and cut in half, forcing me to dice it up myself before eating.
I'll keep going to A la Carrera for lunch, but I'll keep searching for the Ultimate Breakfast Taco...!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Today's culinary excursion took me to Whataburger - mostly because I was in a hurry and they have a drive-through...

Let me start by saying the taco was fine. It was alright. It was perfectly acceptable. But it wasn't great.

First, your choices are very limited (for tacos; of course they have lots of other stuff, but this blog is about tacos): eggs with either sausage, bacon or potatos for $1.79, and you can add cheese for $0.35. I had the sausage and, like I mentioned, it was OK.

However, it was small - less than half the size of a Ken's taco. And the salsa was generic, mass-produced and uninspiring.

In the end I'd have to say it wasn't a very good value. I wouldn't head to Whataburger to buy the taco, but if I was eating breakfast at Whataburger the taco would be on my list of choices.

Grade: B