Friday, November 2, 2007


Today's culinary excursion took me to Whataburger - mostly because I was in a hurry and they have a drive-through...

Let me start by saying the taco was fine. It was alright. It was perfectly acceptable. But it wasn't great.

First, your choices are very limited (for tacos; of course they have lots of other stuff, but this blog is about tacos): eggs with either sausage, bacon or potatos for $1.79, and you can add cheese for $0.35. I had the sausage and, like I mentioned, it was OK.

However, it was small - less than half the size of a Ken's taco. And the salsa was generic, mass-produced and uninspiring.

In the end I'd have to say it wasn't a very good value. I wouldn't head to Whataburger to buy the taco, but if I was eating breakfast at Whataburger the taco would be on my list of choices.

Grade: B


Joey said...

I think your right, Ken's Tacos will be hard to beat; they’re delicious and big. Recommendation, have you tried the tacos at Dan's? I think a friend of ours (Dave Davis and I) owns stock in that company. LOL

Joey said...

I failed to mention that Delaware Subs makes a mean Philly Cheesesteak, I’m not sure how you like it made,but make sure you ask what's all on it.

mscar said...

Thanks for the hint about Dan's, joey. I'll add them to my list of places to try! This is the place at 290 East and Cameron Rd, right?

And you are definitely right about Delaware Subs. They make a mean Philly - probably #2 on my list.